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Storyline; The Past and Current.

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Storyline; The Past and Current. Empty Storyline; The Past and Current.

Post by BleachHaven Admin on Mon Jun 29, 2009 11:17 pm

There are two types of fights. We must be able to distinguish between the two. The fight to protect life, and the fight to protect pride. -Jūshirō Ukitake

It's been ten years now, ten long years, since the betrayal of Captain of Squad 12; Jikoku Toukai. Before the assault, there peace within the Soul Society and the worlds prospered and continued on as they had for many years. The Captains of the Gotei Thirteen were leading relatively normal procedures and followed under the ways of the Captain Commander, and eldest member of the Soul Society, Annon Sennin. Then, without warning, it happened.

The entire twelfth division sector and the Research and Development facility were destroyed. There had been no explosion, no cries or shouts of shock and pain. The buildings were reduced to rubble and the bodies of every member within the facility and the division were found dead amongst the residue. Shock ran through the Soul Society within hours of the discovery. The captains were called together by Annon Sennin, their conference commenced. Every captain was present, save two. Jikoku Toukai, of the slaughtered Division, and Captain of Squad Four; Yousuke Orito.

As to where these two captains were, no one knew. The Captain Commander, doing only what was just, dispatched the Captains and told them all to search for the cause of the death and destruction. Secretly, the Commander also dispatched a small team of second Division members lead by their captain; Midori Setsu. This team was not meant to search the Soul Society as every other shinigami, rather to search for the missing captains and why they were gone. The team started at once, and went off in search of the Missing Captains. What they found changed the life of the soul society forever.

The band of shinigami led by the Captain of the Second Division wasted no time, and effort, into following orders and finding the Captains. And only after a short time, through means that only the Second Division members can hope to do, they found them. It was at the edge of the last district in the Rukongai. As the team approached they found that Districts seventy-five through seventy-nine had suffered the same fate as the twelfth division sector. The housing and people were destroyed. Utter destruction in all direction.

The team finally made it to the last district, district eighty. The place was no different then the previous five. Death was everywhere. Once the team reached the very heart of the district, they found the Captains. Jikoku Toukai was there, standing staring into the sky as if nothing was wrong. At his feet the body of Captain of Division Four, Yousuke Orito, lay. As they approached, Mirdori Setsu moved ahead and placed herself near the two captains. Demanding explanation. Jikoku turned around and lowered his gaze to Midori. Sudden reiatsu filled the air, enough to bring the members of the squad to their feet and so it did. Each of them passed out save on who oddly felt no reiatsu in the air. Midori demanded answers and drew her zanpaktou.

The fight did not last long. In fact, it was over before it had begun. In a simple one move attack Jikoku had Midori Setsu dead infront of him. Zanpaktou still in hand. The only team member who wasn’t passed out stared at Jikoku with fear. But nothing happened, save Jikoku sheathing his blade and turning around. In that instant, a sudden jolt of reiatsu was in the air. And standing next to Jikoku was none other than the Captain of the eleventh division, Dios Lio. Jikoku and Dios did nothing to each other. Did not raise a hand against. Infact, Jikoku smiled slightly as Dios appeared. Jikoku flicked his fingers and a rip appeared in front of him. Darkness swirled in the rip. As he stepped into hit, Jikoku paused and turned to the division member. His words still remain glued to the minds of all Shinigami. "You and your team are alive right now for one reason. To pass on what has happened here to your commander. Your captain is dead, but the same cannot be said for Yousuke. He is very much alive, but you will find he is not all there." And Jikoku left, Dios Lio of the eleventh division at his heels. And they vanished.

After inspection of the Soul Society, many were found dead. The division sector of Jikoku Toukai was in ruins, the people all dead. Two captains of the soul society were left dead. One was left alive, but not in full. After treatment and inspection of the fourth division members, it was found Youske was not harmed in any way. The only thing wrong was the fact that the mans zanpaktou spirit was gone. None could explain it. His reiatsu was there, but his zanpaktou was gone and his connection to his spirit was gone. Matters soon turned worse when reports came in of all four of the gate guardians were found dead at their respected gates. The Kido corps reports consisted of trace amounts of Dios Lio's reiatsu in the area. The Soul Society, was in ruins.

And so the ten years passed. The Soul Society was still hurt and scared by the betrayal of the two captains. Death still held it's mark over all, but the wounds started to fill. The positions of Captains, those dead and the two abdicated spots were filled. None forgot the pain Jikoku and Dios had left, and to this day the two men are sought out by all. And so far, no word has been heard from or about the two rogue shinigami. Until now. A few months ago, a group of division members reported a sighting of Dios and a group of hollows who had shinigami like powers. In the report, the words of "Toukai-sama" and "Los Noches" can be read. It is as of right now under investigation.
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