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Eragon: Inheritance, Shadows of the Past

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Eragon: Inheritance, Shadows of the Past Empty Eragon: Inheritance, Shadows of the Past

Post by Hakudoshi Rentai on Sun Apr 11, 2010 11:16 am

You know the great story by Christopher Paolini, of Eragon and Saphira fighting the Evil King, training with the Elves and allying with the Varden. So what would happen if we just took that all away, and only kept the basics of it all?

That means NO Eragon
NO Saphira
NO Roran
NO Brom!
NO characters from the book!

Yes, this means the characters...YOU MAKE THEM UP!

You can be a Rider! A Human! An Elf! Maybe a Dwarf, Urgal or Ra'zac! Who knows, but you're them! You create them, their weapons and their abilities! Exciting, isnt it?

But what do your characters DO?

..Good question, i'll tell you.

The evil king, Rehnir Karn, Ruler of Alagaesia, is assembling his forces, and drawing upon the land. His army is exceeding seemingly limitless masses. But why continue if his army is so big? The Varden can't take any chances, they must act and overthrow him, no matter what he is doing. They can't afford for the land to suffer anymore. His people already dislike him, but that is obviously not enough to stop Rehnir from accomplishing his mysterious goal.

By his side stand two Forsworn: Riders who have betrayed the old order and followed under Rehnir to help accomplish their goal. With one egg at their disposal, which is a mysterious midnight-blue, nobody has yet to gain the dragon from the egg. It is unlike any egg they've seen, but they are searching desperately to find the owner of the new dragon.

However, on the Varden's side, stands Jor'lo Dosene, the Dragon Rider leader of the Varden. The Varden are totally against the king and his mysterious intentions, and try desperately to overthrow and destroy him and the Forsworn, though with only two riders; one being the Leader, and the other having just had their dragon hatch, are they a match for the King and his Hordes of Urgals, Ra'Zac and human soldiers?

And where in this time are the Elves and Dwarves? They havent been active in the Beor Mountians or Du Weldenvarden for nearly a Hundred Years! Have they hid themselves, or are they just a little sneaky and hiding in their own homes, waiting...planning...

Will the King accomplish his mysterious goal? Will the Varden defeat him? Can they? Can they ever hope to find out what the King is doing?

You shall decide...

Join us!
Hakudoshi Rentai
Hakudoshi Rentai
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6th Division Captain

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