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Post by Adam on Sat Feb 27, 2010 1:40 am

Many moons ago in a time before Shinobi the land was ravaged by raiders, samurai armies’ and worst of all, a beast of unimaginable power. The beast was called Yoshimaru and was said to be the reincarnated spirit of nature itself, a god in physical form. Standing over 400 ft high this beast was so powerful that it could cripple whole nations with a sweep of its tail and level cities with a single gaze. According to legend Yoshimaru had a perfect affinity to the natural order and possessed all five basic elements Earth, Water, Wind, Fire and Lightning. For many years this great beast tormented the world creating havoc for many nations and colonies. Tens of thousands died in vain to kill a creature no one could stand up to. Its raw power and energy was so great it simply battered aside all resistance. At first the destruction was tolerable but soon it changed for the worst. The beast believed mankind was exploiting the land it was bound too, parasites abusing it for their own benefit and started to attack in earnest. Cities were reduced ash, nations utterly wiped out and for one brief time it looked as though all human life might be extinguished all together. The fractured societies and nations of what would become the Shinobi world came together out of desperation and sent their armies to destroy the beast but to no avail. Whole divisions of men and women were slaughtered in seconds and soon all the world was flowing with the blood of mankind. In this darkest of hours with human civilization on the brink of utter annihilation the prayers of so many were finally answered.

No one is certain where he came from, some say from the vastness of the Snow Country, others from the west far beyond Suna while more say he fell from sky a god among man. Whatever his origins this man, if he could rightly called one, brought with him powers never seen before. Born with the Ultimate Dojutsu he would become the first ever Nin and the greatest ever to work the world. They called him Redoku Sennin and it is to him that the Shinobi not only owe the secrets of jutsu and chakra manipulation but the defeat of beast that legend told could not be beaten. He challenged the creature to battle and to the surprise of everyone bested it. Though the victory was a pyrrhic one for despite his immense power he could only weaken it he could not kill it and the best he could do was drive it back for a short time. In return his chakra system had been poisoned by proximity with the raging beast and he began to weaken. Using what little time he had left he trained 6 Disciples the art of chakra manipulation so that they could train others and in so doing gifted the world the use jutsu. As time drew near he prepared himself to do what he knew need to be done. He approached the beast once more and after a long and arduous battle with this beast sacrificed his own life for the lives of many. According to legend he mastered all the arts but is of greatest fame as a seal master. Using a Kinjutsu of his creation he sealed the beast into a giant glowing green crystal that coursed with the beast’s unimaginable power. In his last moments he then formed his remaining chakra around it and with the force of 1000 lesser jutsu sent it hurtling into sky never to be seen again. According to legend the body of Sage of the 6th Path was never found and many believe he became an ascended being that day and pray to him as the god of Ninjutsu.

For over 250 years since life has gone on. Not perhaps as the great Nin might have wanted it. Despite his gift of chakra manipulation and Jutsu the worlds is no less violent and plagued by conflict and battle. Since then his legacy has been passed down the generations and led to creation of the Nin villages that play such important role today. The ravages of the great beast have long since forgotten and in spite of the conflict mankind has flourished all over the continent. All is going well, or rather well enough until four months ago when the first signs of something terrible appeared it in the night’s sky, a green glow, pulsating with unfathomable power coming ever near. According to astrologers and many religions it is sign of great evil returning, a harbinger of destruction. Unknown to all, the beast bound by nature to the very land they inhabited had used its power to redirect the crystals flight and was even as they speak on collision course with the world. Each night the sign got clearer and brighter as the crystal came closer. As it did so it bathed the world in unnatural green light and sparked all manner of natural disasters as nature self felt the beasts return and rejoiced. Cities were savaged by earthquakes, regions flooded and volcanoes erupted. Even so thanks to Shinobi training and preparation lost of life was relatively minor and most of the cities survived unharmed but with one major exception. The earth country with its large network of fault lines and underground tunnel networks deep beneath the ground suffered an unprecedented earthquake of unimaginable scale and power. Iwa was reduced to rubble in less than 2 minutes and over 90% of the population are classified as either dead or missing. The great earth nation itself has not fair much better and a the once sparse but fruitful land is a shadow of its former self.

This and the stars approach has caused great unrest among the great nations that remain and whispers and hushed conversation in the halls of the Kage’s. The villages are awash with superstition, fear, uncertainty and oddly, excitement. Though the true nature of the threat is only known to a few, all can feel the power within and dream secretly of possessing. The ambitious and the power hungry sense a once in a life time opportunity while others fear it coming. With the natural balance of the 5 great nations destroyed along with Iwa, tensions are mounting like never before and war is in the air. Tensions have never been as great as the crystal gets ever closer. Conflict is coming of that there can be no question that the nations are mobilising. From mighty Konoha to reformed Kumo, ambitious Kiri to energetic Suna preparations for war are in the air though just with whom and when remains as yet undecided …

What is US 2.0?
Ultimate Shinobi (commonly known as US) was a site which was born February 2009 by a man named Adam. The forum quickly grew in popularity and members and so did the Role playing level. The site also grew a following which makes up the core of staff and members today. With the addition of new, exciting staff the ideas evolved to the point were it was decided to move to a new site, where each and every idea could thrive. Thus, Ultimate Shinobi 2.0 was born with the core staff from Ultimate Shinobi. The site admins Adam (Head Admin), Todd, Hugh, Dan, Pat and John strived to make and build a successful RPG that would cater for all people. US 2.0 also has a dedicated and talented moderation group which are full of skill and knowledge. The idea of 2.0 is to make a far more balanced RP with some new features to help the users guide themselves, but without restraining the true creativity that must exist on a Free-Form based RPG.[/font]

What to expect from Ultimate Shinobi 2.0;
  • A dedicated, friendly Administration and Moderation group with years of experience.
  • An enjoyable, relaxed role-playing community which will make you feel right at home.
  • Four open and active villages (Konoha, Kiri, Kumo, Suna)
  • A new free-form role-playing system called 'Ultimate Conflict'
  • Inter-Village warfare and role-playing.
  • Revolutionary RPG ideas such as Shinobi Real-Estate.
  • The possibility of much, much more creation and customization of characters for endless fun.

So wait no more! Come join the adventure that is now Ultimate Shinobi 2.0.
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