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Bount History

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Bount History Empty Bount History

Post by BleachHaven Admin on Wed Feb 10, 2010 9:49 pm

To members who wish to create Bount, please use the following information for your character and their history. All credit goes to TestosteroneVizard for the creation and establishment of this.

Bounts are the accidental creation of Soul Society, attempting to create human souls that would resist being eaten by Hollows and be effectively 'poisonous' to them. They intended to combine the physical and spiritual so this would be born into humans and remain with them as they died, instead they succeeded in creating the Bubonic Plauge. The single most devastating disease in history claimed many lives, but the experiment was not a complete failure. New types of souls rose up, able to thrive on other human souls, and with weapons too similar to a Zanapkuto to be coincidence.

These were, and are, the Bounts. Each of them either died from the plauge or was exposed to it. Few Bounts can reproduce and create new Bounts, since many of today's humans are immune to the disease, but rarely a child without this immunity can become a Bount by exposure to another Bount. Thus they have been known as 'Vampires' by the human world, eternal creatures who hunt the night and oh rare occasion, spawn others of their race.

The Bounts are currently lead by Alucard Katashi, the original Bount, leads these misfits on earth and serves to protect and guide them while they live out their eternal lives as the demons that lurk in the shadows.
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