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Sixth Division Barracks

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Sixth Division Barracks Empty Sixth Division Barracks

Post by Yuuki Kamimoto on Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:42 pm

As Yuuki walks into the Division Six barracks as she looks around she notices that the barracks resembles dojo. “Probably it is like this so we can hone our skills.” Yuuki says to herself. As she looks around she notices a small door, she walks up and opens the door and sees dummies, simulation projectors, wooden swords, and punching bags. “Definitely the purpose of the design of the dojo is to hone our skills, I’ll just be careful not to damage anything” Yuuki added as she closed the closet. “Maybe I should go find my room now” Yuuki says as she walks to the middle of the room, grabs her suitcases, and goes to find the room with Vice Captain written on the door.

Seated Officer/Unranked Officer Building
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Yuuki Kamimoto
Yuuki Kamimoto
6th Division Vice-Captain
6th Division Vice-Captain

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