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Guide - Advertising.

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Guide - Advertising. Empty Guide - Advertising.

Post by BleachHaven Admin on Thu Jun 11, 2009 10:56 am

Advertise Rules.

As any other site, there are rules to follow when Advertising. We have these rules like any other and they go as follow. Please abide by these rules and follow them accordingly or your ad will be removed and/or you will be subject to punishment.

  • When Advertising your site on ours, you must link back out Ad on the site you have advertised here. If you do not, your ad will be removed.
  • As stated in the rules we do not allow sexual content and/or offensive material here. If your site has any of those traits, do not post it here.
  • After you post an Advertisment for your site, do not Bump the topic every hour on the hour. This gets very annoying so refrain from doing so and only bump it once every few days.
  • Concerning your Advertisement; at the very least make this offical looking. Hence, do not post a single link saying "Join here! This place rules!"
  • On that same note, if you dont like and/or believe a site to be good do not post on the ad saying so. An example would be "This place sucks dont join!" Yeah, don't do that.
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