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Post by TestosteroneVizard on Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:33 pm

Naruto Nexus Bannercopy-2

The ninja world, standing firm and undisturbed for ages, the 3rd Ninja War being thrown aside and in the past like it was a toy to be forgotten. Many have grown up ignorant of the events that happened in that era, those in the smaller villages eventually forgot completely, the larger villages being plagued by a new threat, the Akatsuki. A 4th Ninja War was created, though the smaller villages were almost completely uninvolved in these battles.

This excludes the great nation of Iron Country, which was used as the military supplier for these wars, but even Iron grew more and more cautious of those it was providing arms to. Many ninja were stronger than any of their forces, they grew fearful that they would be invaded despite their neutral status. They could not develop an effective way to protect themselves though, until a certain event occurred.

A scroll, labeled with unknown symbols, found its way to the desks of every village official in the minor villages. Within the scroll was detailed an ancient jutsu, one designed with demonic influence and a great power, the jutsu scribed on the scroll promised the ability to bind demons to ones service. This comes at a great cost, however, the cost of an immensely huge amount of chakra.

Iron Country, greedy for this power, called all of the Five Great Kages to a meeting within their border. They then slew every one of them, using a poison laced in the very air, an used their souls to bind numerous legions of demons to their service. Each demon took human guise and became the reassurance for their neutrality.

The remainder of the villages, presented with a scroll of such great power, are left in awe. Indecision is prevalent, and the only ninja that suffice to be used for sacrifice are Kage level ninja. Will the villages devour each other in war? Will they compromise? Will they come together and decide not to use the scrolls? Well, lets find out shall we, join Naruto Nexus and help determine the future.

Naruto Nexus is a new Naruto RPG for both veteran Rpers and new ones. You want a fun RP experience? Nice staff? You know where to go. A few of the most outstanding features of the site are a balanced curse seal system and new villages. That’s right, new open villages. Not new as in made up, new as in minor ones. Sick of being a Konoha or Kiri ninja? Wanna try for Grass or Rain? Naruto Nexus is the place to be.
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