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11 division roster and rules

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11 division roster and rules Empty 11 division roster and rules

Post by Soul on Thu Dec 24, 2009 10:49 am

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11th Division, Offensive Tactics
The 11th Division is the frontlines. They are the most skilled in physical combat and work mainly with other divisions. They rarely work on their own since they currently lack much coordination.
During times of danger, the 11th Division is flooded out in mass numbers to immediately subdue problems, which include invasions of Seireitei. The 11th Division works with nearly every other division, since they are the most powerful and offer the most defense and offense.
11th is the division with the largest number of shinigami.
(It is also the division with the highest mortality rate.)

1. Being a Lieutenant of 11 Division means that you must be more active than everyone else. But, all Seated officers must stay active.
2. Inactivity wont be tolerated. You will loose your position if you become inactive. If you will become inactive for some time then pm to me and you won't lose your position.
3.Duties can be changed all the time. I will PM the member who's duties I have changed if I change them. Duties in table are special duties, like a task to be done around the Seireitei.
4. Listen to your superiors. Any disobedience will not be tolerated and will result in your position being removed along with punishment being dealt.
5. In order to obtain a higher Seat you must talk to the Captain and the seat above you, and the Captain will make a fight for you both, the winner will either stay at their current seat, or go up a seat.
6. I wont tolerate crap from any body so follow my rules and try to stay in line. Dont think you are above any law no matter what seat you are. What i say gos in the division, any one lower than me has no say what so ever.
7. If you have any problems with anyone, come to me and i will find a way for you two to solve the problem. Any issue with me you will have to deal with and any issue you have with a higher ranked officer, remember, favor always wins the captain.
8. Do your job and stay in line, i will give orders based on the needs of what is going on. stay active and maybe rewards will be in order for those who prove themselvs.
11th Division Captain
11th Division Captain

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